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Call Screen

With Call Screen, you’ll no longer be bothered by unwanted calls. Call Screen lets you divert calls from up to 12 numbers to a recorded message stating that you are unavailable.

With Call Screen, you set up your own list of numbers. You can change the numbers on your list and activate or deactivate this feature for all the numbers on your list. You can even add your last caller’s number to your Call Screen list without knowing this number.

If Call Forwarding has been turned on, incoming calls from the numbers on your list will still hear the special recorded message and will not be automatically forwarded.

Call Screen currently works for local and direct-dialled long distance calls in calling areas equipped with Call Screen technology. If a number can’t be added to your list of numbers, a voice message will tell you so.

Call Screen can be activated from any phone connected to your telephone line.

Service available where technology allows.

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